Dinesh Mayashanker Pandya

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Dinesh Mayashanker Pandya

Born in a very religious family in Nairobi, Kenya – I have been brought up following our culture, traditions and religion. I started practicing “karma-kand” after studying with very knowledgeable Gurus — for several months in India.

With gained traditional & religious knowledge – I enhanced this with further narration/meanings in English with one purpose to make all our ceremonies – be it Grah Shanti – Marriage – Katha – etc. fully understandable to our youth & the pluralistic communities we live with.

I perform all the ceremonies & rituals in usual Sanskrit & Gujarati with explanations in English as we have more mixed, inter-faith and multi-cultural observances & rites. In addition, this method also helps our youth of today to follow our roots & traditions. This does NOT make the ceremony longer as I have special way of narration…. I RESPECT & ADHERE TO THE TIME ALLOCATED.

My services includes: Weddings, Satyanarayan KathaRandalmataji LotaGayatri YagnaVastu Shanti for home – Ganesh PujaChandlo Matli / Sagai, GrahShanti and Guidance towards personal problems be it for self, children, family, business or any Pitru Dosh or Grah Dosh. To assist certain families, I am able to arrange Distant Puja on their behalf where the person suffering does not have to be present in the Puja.

I also provide all the requirements for all vidhi/rituals to include all pujapo, yagna kund. Distant Puja: For certain special puja to eliminate negativeness, Grah dosh, Pitru puja (Pret Bali, Narayan Bali, Neel-parnavanu, Tulsi vivah and for deceased to join with the Pitru), Nakshatra dosh, Kalsarp yog and other similar problematic issues creating obstacles to move forward towards better life, all these Distant pujas I arrange with highly proficient and knowledgeable in the matters Pundit/Shashtri in Ahmedabad & Rajkot, India. These pujas are not always possible in the western countries as requires high discipline plus several Brahmins together to perform the ceremony.
For any Grah dosh, I also acquire on behalf of the troubled Bhakto, the relevant Birthstone, have puja, jap and vidhi done for this to purify, energize and make it suitable for the person.

I am Gayatri & Shiv Svarodya Upasak.
Shiv Svarodya is an ancient Sanskrit Text of great importance, and the only one extant which elucidates the Science of Predicting auspicious and inauspicious results based on the flow the breathing through one or the other nostril. It was initially revealed by Lord Siva to His Divine Consort Parvati with specific instructions to keep it a closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who deserved. I AM PRIVILEGED TO BE THE “CHOSEN ONE” BY MY GURUJI who developed me as an Upasak with proper Knowledge & Training of Shiv-Svarodya & Predictions.

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