Sagai / Chandlo Matli

Dinesh Pandya

Chandlo Matli / Sagai / Chudadi

Weddings in Gujarati community involve a number of symbolic rituals. These rituals make the couple understand their responsibilities and importance of each other. The husband and wife are told about their set of duties to be performed in their matrimonial life. The celebrations in the Gujarati community are very simple yet very colourful.

Alike all Hindu communities, the wedding rituals are performed in three stages, which are pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Here we discuss some of pre-wedding rituals prevalent in the Gujarati community.

Ganesh Avahana/Sthapana

In the Hindu communities, no festivity begins without Ganesh puja. In the Gujarati community, a family function is organized wherein the priest invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

The chandlo matli vidhi is also known as Sagai, Magni, Ghor Dhanna in different Indian/Gujarati communities with some differences in the actual ceremony. This ritual is all about applying a mark of vermilion on the forehead of the bride and groom. It is the official acceptance of the matrimonial alliance between the boy and girl. The event is to celebrate the first formal party before the wedding and its pre-ceremonies. The families exchange good wishes and gifts, however a formal ring ceremony cement’s the relationship on this occasion.


It all starts with the Bride’s brothers making an entrance with their gifts (usually fruits, dates, and Indian sweets) whilst one brother brings in the matli (originally decorated clay pot).

Chandlo Matli ceremony is from the boy’s (groom’s) family. It is Patel community vidhi. Traditionally, the groom to be, his father and the father of bride to be — do the Ganesh Puja.

However, I have introduced and performed this puja with both sets of parents (or guardians) together with the Bride and Groom to be — all six people participate in the Shri Ganesh puja – – I feel both sides of family should get the privilege of doing this puja together….. This has been welcomed overwhelmingly.

A ring ceremony (groom to re-propose) or chandla vidhi, or chandlo matli, is held at the venue in which the couple welcomes each other and exchange golden rings.

Additionally, the bride’s family also offers a matli (large vessel), which contains sweets and savories.


WITH SAGAI / Gor Dhana / Chundadi vidhi

This ceremony is from the girl’s (bride’s) side of the family. Ganesh puja is performed by the Bride to be & her parents.

Groom’s family and guests arrive and are welcomed by the Bride’s family who then do the traditional Chundadi & Gor Dhana & srifal ceremony on the bride.

After this has been done, the groom enters and is welcomed by the bride’s side. He may offer bouquet of flowers — I normally influence him to re-propose to the girl followed by ring ceremony.

The srifal & gift ceremony for the groom normally follows.