Shri Gayatrimata Yagna (Havan)

Dinesh Pandya

Shri Gayatrimata Yagna (Havan)

Similar to Ganesh Puja performed when move into a new home, Gayatrimata Yagna is also performed to eliminate the negativeness within the house… This Havan purifies and energizes the house with positive vibrations.

Gayatri is the mother of all the Vedas. She is the life giving force. She is a Mantra Devi, a manifestation of all the beech mantras. Gayatri can be seen as the female equivalent of Brahman and the equivalent of Raja Rajeswari, Parama Shakti, the Universal Mother, the Power of God manifestation.

One of the most auspicious of all yagna/havan is the Gayatri mantra, one of the maha mantras used throughout the Hindu religion by ALL of the different schools within the Hindu religion.

The Gayatri mantra is also a moksha mantra meaning that it can grant one liberation if recited with pure devotion. Gayatri devi is the universal/cosmic aspect of the Divine Mother. She is the mother of the holy trinity (Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva) in the Hindu religion.

The Havan also gives us benefits in that it purifies the air and the germ-destroying, health-promoting and sweet-smelling ingredients in the ahuti also purify the surrounding atmosphere.

The Havan takes a spiritual form when it disciplines the mind and kindles the inner spiritual light. It burns up evil desires such as anger, jealousy, greed and pride, and removes sorrow and pain with the fire of knowledge.

When the Havan is performed its radiation is felt by all the devotees. When chanting the mantras, we say together, idamagnaye idanna mama. This means that all the wealth, material belongings and power with possessions are not ours. We have acquired them with grace of the Almighty God. They are considered to belong to God and we use them for the benefit of everybody. The spirit of the Havan is worship, benevolence, renunciation, sacrifice and unity.


‘RITUAL OF FIRE SACRIFICE’ was revealed to our ancient sages after several years of penance and austerities. Havans can be better appreciated through the understanding of scientific principles. All rituals in the Hindu religion aim at journeying in one’s life enroute the process of Artha, Kama, Dharma, Mukti and Moksha. Havans are essentially sacrificial medium wherein various aspects of the ‘self’ are sacrificed at the altar of the SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS thereby enabling a direct communion with the SUPREME POWER. The energies aroused in a Havan effect the body and the mind and are tangible in our everyday life.

On several occassions, the Yajman family have Gayatri Havan & Shri Satyanarayan Katha on the same day.